A1 Stereo Control Vst Download

From Alex Hilton comes this great VST software called “A1 Stereo Control”. Bass is usually the most tricky part to handle when widening the space. It can easily get lost from the center. But this baby here has safe bass processing that keeps all the bass signal below the level of user settings. With two different modes, you also get a dry / wet control, a volume knob and a stereo width control to change the amount of separation that the effect introduces. AAX format is supported both on Mac and Windows as well as VST on both and AU on the Mac. Voxengo offers you high-quality DAW audio plugins: VST plugins, AAX plugins, AudioUnit plugins, and sample rate converters, for Windows and macOS computers. Our goal is to provide user-happy, robust, and efficient solutions for audio and music production, including streaming, mastering, and surround sound.

These are the best free stereo widening VST plugins. The VST widener plugins in this will give you a wider mix.

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In this top 5, you'll find a stereo enhancer, panning plugin, tremolo, a chorus/delay, and (in my opinion) the best free stereo imaging plugin.

These are all quite unique and can solve different problems in your mix or achieve different goals you may be after.

Chart of the Best Free Stereo Widening Plugins

Here are the five best free stereo widening plugins that are found below the video.

Plugin NameAvailable Plugin FormatsSupported OS
Ozone Imager64-bit VST, AU, & AAXWindows & Mac
Pancake232 & 64-bit VST & AUWindows & Mac
Vocal Doubler64-bit VST, AU, & AAXWindows & Mac
Wider32 & 64-bit VST, AU, & AAXWindows & Mac
Tremolo32 & 64-bit VST & AUWindows & Mac

Check out this video for demos of how each one affects different samples.

1. Ozone Imager by iZotope

First up is a plugin from iZotope called Ozone Imager.

This stereo imaging plugin does more than just show you the width of your track, it also lets you shape it.

With options to control the width and a Stereoize parameter, you can bring something all the way down to mono and also make it wider than it was before.

Bottom line, this is great for understanding and controlling your mix.

2. PanCake2 by Cableguys

Next is a stereo panning tool called PanCake which is made by Cableguys.

A1 Stereo Control Vst Download

Instead of using the default panning controls that come with your DAW, this effect plugin lets you modulate the pan with an LFO and even lets you create your own modulation curves.


Basically, it makes it really easy to automate your panning.

3. Vocal Doubler by iZotope

Alright, the third plugin is another one by iZotope called Vocal Doubler.

This is a great way to Thicken a sound and to get the most out of the full stereo width.

I'm pretty sure it's a subtle delay or chorus effect mixed with a stereo enhancer.

iZotope does recommend using this on dry vocals, which is just vocals that don't have any effects applied to them already.

For this plugin at least, it can cause pops and clicks in the sound.

So, you would just need to make sure this is on the top of your effect rack - unless you have an EQ, it shouldn't matter for filter effects.

And yeah, just cause it's called vocal doubler, doesn't mean it can only be used on vocals.

4. Wider by Polyverse & Infected Mushroom

For the next plugin, Polyverse and Infected Mushroom teamed up and made a really cool stereo widener that always remains in-phase with itself.

This means it can even work with mono sounds, although it isn't as effective as using it on stereo sounds.

Wider is simple to use plugin and all you need to do is either drag up or down on the percentage or side to side on the meter.

5. Tremolo by PechenegFX

Last is a plugin that will rapidly pan your sound back and forth from the left and right channels.

Tremolo by PechenegFX is, of course, a tremolo effect and is good for adding some width to a sound.

You'll have to switch the mode over to pan and may need to turn the output volume up to around 1.25 to get it back to normal levels.


Now it is more like a ping-pong effect from a delay plugin but it can help make some things in your mix wider by stimulating each ear differently.

Just be cautious when using it, if you use it on too many elements and make it very pronounced or obvious, it can leave you a bit disoriented.

I hope these VST plugins help you make music or sound effects that take up a lot more of the stereo width. As always, thanks for reading!

A1StereoControl is a freeware stereo width control utility in VST/AU plugin format for Windows and Mac based host applications, released by A1AUDIO.

More than just a simple stereo width controller, the plugin offers some great extra features such as switchable pan laws and pan curves, a phase flip switch, channel swap, and a feature called ‘Safe Bass’ which is the reason why I’ll be keeping this one in my VST plugin arsenal.

See also:Free Stereo Enhancer VST Plugins!

A1TriggerGate by Alex Hilton / A1AUDIO (@KVRAudio Product Listing): A1TriggerGate is a 'Sequenced Gate' plugin to chop up any incoming audio signal. It is a well known effect in electronic music and sometimes also known as 'Trance Gate' effect. Pattern Sequence This plugin synchronizes to the host sequencer / DAW tempo. A1TriggerGate by Alex Hilton / A1AUDIO (@KVRAudio Product Listing): A1TriggerGate is a 'Sequenced Gate' plugin to chop up any incoming audio signal. It is a well known effect in electronic music and sometimes also known as 'Trance Gate' effect. Pattern Sequence This plugin synchronizes to the host sequencer / DAW tempo. Oct 27, 2014 無料VSTプラグイン、A1StereoControlの動作テスト。 Operation test. Free VST Stereo Imager - A1StereoControl Free VST&DTM. Expanding Your Stereo Image - First Look ( + free.

The ‘Safe Bass’ feature controls the stereo width of the processed signal below a certain frequency threshold. Basically, all the content below the selected frequency will be mono, which is a great way to keep the low end of your mix in check.

The feature can be useful on the master channel, as well as on individual channels with stereo signals which contain bass frequencies. Many synthesized bass sounds are very wide in order to sound large and full, so it’s a good idea to keep the lowest frequencies of such sounds in mono. Even bass guitars are sometimes processed with a chorus (or similar effects), so adding A1StereoControl to the signal chain could help in preserving a solid low end.

There’s a similar free plugin called Basslane, however it’s Windows only. Now the Mac based users have a nice free alternative in this category.

Bass frequencies aside, the plugin can also control the stereo width of the entire signal. You can go from 0% (effectively mono) to 200% width. The plugin also features a re-sizable GUI (always a nice bonus) and zero latency processing.

A1AUDIO is a new name in the plugin development scene and their first product looks very promising! I’m excited to see their future releases. Judging by the quality of A1StereoControl, we definitely have something to look forward to!

Video Demo

Check out the A1StereoControl demo video:


A1StereoControl is available for free download via A1AUDIO(865 kB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows and Mac).

Getting a wide stereo sound in mixes or recordings is one of the most desired techniques in music production.

And as there are actual ways you can accomplish this using recording techniques like Blumlein or mid-side techniques, we often find that we need to apply stereo widening to already recorded tracks within our DAW.

One of the best ways to do this is with a dedicated software plugin. Quite likely, your DAW may have something within the lines of a stereo widener, and there are many good quality paid versions out there.

But we decided to take a look at some of the best free stereo widener VST and AU plugins available for download in this guide. Let’s check ’em out!

Find more great gear here:

Free Stereo Width Plugins

Here we go over some of the most effective free stereo widening plug-instructor available, all of which can do a great job of making individual tracks bigger and wider.

With simplified control and undeniably great sound, these free plug-ins are excellent alternatives to costly and impractical hardware solutions and esoteric studio techniques.

A1 Stereo Control Vst Download

The List

Plugin Roundup

iZotope’s Ozone Imager is the free standalone plug-in version of the imaging technology found in the company’s own Ozone mastering suite. Although it has a much simpler set of controls than its more fully-featured counterpart, Ozone Imager is nevertheless capable of narrowing or widening the stereo image of your audio to a remarkably precise degree.

Like most of the components of Ozone, Imager provides immediate visual feedback that enables intuitive setting of the parameters. The plug-in even has a vectorscope and a correlation meter that aid in precision sound-staging during mixing and mastering.

Voxengo’s Stereo Touch employs mid/side coding in transforming the most basic mono sources into rich stereophonic tracks. Best suited to mono sources that don’t have a lot of sharp transients, it is especially effective for widening acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizer pads, and vocals. With the spacious and expansive “surround” produced by this plug-in, you no longer have to devote time and channel space to double tracking.

Stereo Touch also works on multi-channel input signals, processing each one independently as separate mono signals. The stereo streams are then combined to produce a single stereo signal at the output.

Whether you are looking for a quick way to add stereo imaging or you want to widen a mono source, Stereo Touch will deliver like a champ.

A1 Stereo Control Vst Download Torrent

A1Audio’s A1StereoControl does exactly what it says on the tin: give you precise control over stereo imaging. Even though it is equipped only with a single knob, you can expand or limit your tracks’ stereo width to a remarkable degree.

A1 Stereo Control Vst Download Full

One of the best things about A1StereoControl is how easily it helps you sidestep a common issue when “stereoizing” bass sounds. The plug-in has a “Safe Bass” algorithm that centers all the low frequencies below a user definable threshold. This keeps bass and other low-end sounds right at the center of the stereo spread, where they won’t cause any phasing issues.

Alex Hilton Vst

Even without the dedicated mid/side controls found in other imaging plug-ins, A1StereoControl prevents your low end from causing any issues when collapsed to mono.

Stereo Vst Plugin

MeldaProduction’s MAutopan is more of a panning plug-in than a dedicated stereo imager, but it is quite a capable one at that. The plug-in employs a unique modulation system that consists of continuously adjustable oscillators. Each of these oscillators may combine predefined shapes, custom waveforms, and algorithmic post-processing.

The result is a tremendous degree of control by which you can define the stereo placement of your sounds.

MAutopan actually handles more than just mono and stereo sources. The plug-in is also capable of processing up to eight channels of surround audio, making it a useful tool for game and film audio production.

QuickQuak Audio’s UpStereo is a sort of classic in stereo imaging circles, with a set of simple controls that can make short work of stereoizing any mono source. It employs a fixed frequency EQ, a stereo widening unit, and a loud switch, all of which result in bigger, wider, and louder tracks.

Unlike most other stereo widening plug-ins, UpStereo comes with an option to push the sound into overdrive. Combined with the stereo widening capabilities of the unit, this makes it possible to produce individual sounds that stand out without the need for extensive processing.

Brainworx’s bx_solo is a free stereo imaging plug-in offered for free to everyone who signs up at Plugin Alliance. Employing the infinitely useful m/s processing technique, it gives you a surprising degree of control over the placement of sounds in the stereo spread.

A comprehensive range of solo features are included with the bx_solo, giving you the ability to hear the left, right, middle, and side channels while tweaking. This feature alone adds a lot of functionality to any DAW, very few of which allow for such flexibility.

Xfer Records’ Dimension Expander is a spatial expander modeled after the popular Boss/Roland Dimension D chorus effect. By splitting audio into four parts, flipping the phase of two streams and then delaying them, the plug-in produces rich, lush, and wide textures that retains punch and clarity.

A1 Stereo Control Vst Download Crack

Admittedly, the Dimension Expander is a bit of a one-trick pony. But the trick is a pretty damn impressive one.

And considering the relative rarity and cost of the Dimension D in the vintage market, this free plug-in will make a welcome addition to your suite of stereo imaging plug-ins.

Stereo Enhancer Vst

Top Pick

The Ozone Imager is pretty much the one to beat in this roundup. Offering all the flexibility, control, and great sound that iZotope has become known for, it can handle most every stereo widening need you can think of and then some.

A1 Audio Stereo Control

A1 Stereo Control Vst Download Free

That being said, the Voxengo Stereo Touch, the A1StereoControl, and MAutopan all deserve special mention as well. Going well beyond the capabilities offered by most stereo imaging plug-ins, and or all of these three will find a welcome place in any mix engineer’s arsenal.

Ai Trigger Vst

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