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Blood Plasma Pack is an addon package for the original Blood first person shooter, and a pretty generous addition, to an already pretty meaty a game. With it you get 13 new levels, where around 7 new monsters have made their home. Still, the gameplay in these levels is not so much changed; the same build and the same kind of construction is.

Cryptic Passage is the title of the latest episode add-on from Sunstorm, following in the footsteps of the successful 'Duke It Out In D.C.' Add-on for Duke Nukem 3D. 'Cryptic Passage' will add an additional exciting episode to the full version of the hit game 'Blood' from Monolith. The Blood franchise was continued with two official expansion packs titled Plasma Pak (developed by Monolith) and Cryptic Passage (developed by Sunstorm Interactive). Cryptic Passage (originally titled as Passage to Transylvania) is the first expansion pack for Blood developed by Sunstorm Interactive and released in June 30, 1997.

blood-patches Version 9-13-2017 Release 19 43F/ 66.4M (c) RTCM Corvin

Blood Patches

Note: If you have the European version of Blood, do not download any patches. The US patches will not work with the UK 1.02 version of Blood.
Please note; That the Retail Shareware CD is version 0.99B. The full Registered Retail CD is version 1.0.

Registered CD Registered CD 3DFX Registered Shareware CD
Shareware Internet Cryptic Passage Original

Size (kb)early 1.11 version of the game, and not the 1.10 version like we thought. The 1.11 version included on the CD is not the final revision of 1.11. You can tell if you have the early version of 1.11 by looking at the date when you start the game. If the date says, August 19th, 1997, then you have the old version of 1.11. Download this pCD11.exe patch to bring Blood Plasma to the most recent version available. If the date says September 23rd, 1997, then you have the correct 1.11 version of Blood.

Monolith Productions / GT
701Blood Plasma Pak 1.10 to 1.11
Monolith Productions
134Special Edition v1.0 patch

The Special Edition patch will edit your Blood executable to add the parental lock option back in, letting you decide how much blood and gore you'll see. Once the game starts up, select 'OPTIONS' from the main Blood menu. At the very bottom of the list you will see the parental lock option. Highlight this option and hit [ENTER]. You can now toggle between 'ON' and 'OFF' using the [ENTER] key.

If you have Blood Special Edition (censored) v1.0 CD then it is a slightly modified version of the original game. Elements that may be considered 'sensitive' have been removed, resulting in a game environment that may be more suitable for younger players. If you wish to restore the game to its original state, you may apply this patch to put all the Blood back in your game. Important Note - Once you have updated your Bloodless (censored) version of Blood to be the full blood filled version, also download r0011.exe the Blood Registered 1.11 patch above to stay current.

* Attention *
3DFX.EXE was released in it's alpha stage. It does not support voxels (it will use sprites instead), it evokes visual glitches (skybox's won't be seamless and status bar is scaled wrong), and suffers from memory leaks. Voodoo RUSH and Voodoo 2 are not supported!

* Important * Windows 95/98 Users.
If you receive an error message that says, 'fatal error: unable to load Glide DLL', right-click on the 3DFX.exe file and then choose properties. Click on the MEMORY tab at the top. At the bottom of the screen is a value called “MS-DOS Protected Mode”. In that field, type in '65535' and then click 'OK'. Now, just double-click on the 3DFX.exe file to start the game and play!

Monolith, 3Dfx Interactive, scripted by Arjan, Various, Corvin
525OUWB v1.21 -> 1.20 3DFX patch

This patch will allow OUWB users to include 3DFX support. This will also run Cryptic Passage in 3DFX. See the RTCM Online document setup-dosboxemu-3dfx-blood.html for instructions on how to use it.

Note: You need the nGlide API Wrapper, you also need a DOSBox that supports Glide for 3DFX to work. See RTCM's general-tools-dosxp download section.

Monolith Productions, 3Dfx Interactive
4.91MPlasma Pack v1.11 -> v1.20 3DFX patch

This patch will update your version of Blood Plasma Pak to include 3DFX support.

Note: You need an old Voodoo 3D graphics card or a Glide Emulator for 3DFX to work.

This patch also updates the mapedit and artedit tools.

Monolith Productions, 3Dfx Interactive
1.28MRegistered (non-plasma) v1.11 -> v1.20 3DFX patch

This patch will update your version of Blood Registered to include 3DFX support.

Note: You need an old Voodoo 3D graphics card or a Glide Emulator for 3DFX to work.

This patch also updates the mapedit and artedit tools.

Monolith Productions, 3Dfx Interactive
3.41MRegistered v1.0 -> v1.20 3DFX patch

This patch will update your version of Blood Registered to include 3DFX support.

Note: You need an old Voodoo 3D graphics card or a Glide Emulator for 3DFX to work.

This patch also updates the mapedit and artedit tools.

Blood in 3dfx
1.98The batch file I created must be used to start up blood in 3dfx. You MUST already have the 3dfx patch installed. Not intended for OUWB.
The batch file will work with voodoografics and with voodoo2 boards.
There still is a bug with the voodoo2 board, you may get an error
which says that it ran out of texture memory for the current textures...
v1.50 Beta2 (released: 06.03.2007)
351 For Windows 95/98/Me/XP Only for DOS applications with or without the use of a DOS emulator. It requires also the Blood 3DFX patch and NOLFB installed(if without DOSBox)... See the RTCM downloads: general-tools-dosxp and look into the 'old methods' section for tools. Read the RTCM Online documents setup-windows for sound on XP.

dgVoodoo is a Glide Wrapper that implements Glide 2.11 and Glide 2.43 API by using DirectX.
dgVoodoo provides support to run Windows-based and DOS-based
applications (for example 3DFXBlood) using Glide, and it can also
emulate VESA 2.0 for DOS applications.
Please see the links page for the official homapage.
for newer versions and (in case of questions) forum links.

Monolith Productions
2.87MRetail Shareware (CD) v0.99b -> v1.11 patch

This should make any Retail Shareware on CD to Retail Shareware CD Blood Version 1.11 If not use individual patch's below.

Monolith Productions
2.48MRetail Shareware (CD) v0.99c -> v1.00 patch
Monolith Productions
2.59MRetail Shareware (CD) v0.99b -> v1.00 patch
Monolith Productions
259Retail Shareware (CD) v1.10 -> v1.11 patch
Monolith Productions
615Retail Shareware (CD) v1.02 -> v1.10 patch
Monolith Productions
471Retail Shareware (CD) v1.01 -> v1.02 patch
Monolith Productions
393Retail Shareware (CD) v1.00 -> v1.01 patch
Monolith Productions
2.75MRetail Shareware (CD) v0.99b -> v1.02 patch
Monolith Productions
2.62MRetail Shareware (CD) v0.99b -> v1.01 patch
Monolith Productions
470?Retail Shareware (CD) v0.99b -> v0.99c patch?
Monolith Productions
294Shareware (Internet) v1.10 -> v1.11 patch
Monolith Productions
615Shareware (Internet) v1.02 -> v1.10 patch
Monolith Productions
470Shareware (Internet) v1.01 -> v1.02 patch
Monolith Productions
399Shareware (Internet) v1.0 -> v1.01 patch
Monolith Productions
362Shareware (Internet) v0.99 -> v0.99b patch
Monolith Productions
467Shareware (Internet) v0.99b -> v0.99c patch
Monolith Productions
1.11M Shareware (Internet) v0.99c -> v1.0 patch
Charlie Wiederhold /
Sunstorm Interactive
39.6Install patch for Cryptic Passage
This program handles all fixes and corrections to the Cryptic Passage Installer and GAMER programs. It corrects the problem with installing and no Windows directory is found, having a version of Blood higher than 1.02, and the crashing bugs related to Pentium II and other fast processors.

Instructions on this upgrade: Install Blood, version 1.0. Install Cryptic Passage. Cryptic will want to upgrade Blood to version 1.02. Follow the direction to do that. Now, apply the Cryptic Passage patch, CPPATCH.ZIP. Then, apply the Blood r0210.exe patch. Finally, apply the Blood r1011.exe patch to bring Blood up to the current version of 1.11 non-Plasma.
Charlie Wiederhold /
Sunstorm Interactive
7.26Multiplayer patch for Cryptic Passage
This file will allow you to play multiplayer games in the regular Cryptic Passage single player levels. (c source inc)
36.8The original Cryptic Passage executables were incapable of passing arguments to Blood. These files replace the cryptic and cpmulti executables and allow Windows command line arguments. (also no runtime error)
OLD Cryptic Passage Runtime Fix
Compiled by ?
8.67This patch is kinda unnecessary, but added here for completeness sake. Fixes your CP EXE files so they run on faster computers if you have gotten the runtime error. This is only for the older version installer and EXE CP files. See (listed above) for updated CP EXE files that make this fix unnecessary.

Copy the files from your CD and dump these files into the same folder and run the batch files.

Blood Roland SC-55 Music Pack
Converted by Brandon Blume, aka MusicallyInspired
22.7MMIDI Converted to OGG on a SC-55.

The Roland SC-55 was the standard in the 90s for computer game soundtracks. It was the top of the line. The absolute best you could buy. Nearly every game supported it and preferred its many enhancements over the simple General MIDI standard. They not only supported it but most game soundtracks were composed with it and as a result their best gaming experiences were meant to be made with an SC-55.

133This is a patch for playing team games on no flag maps or custom maps. There was a watermark that covered red team's score. Extract that to your blood directory and replace tiles0008 with that one.
Blood Sound Blaster Live! fix
17.2This is a patch for Blood that prevents crashes of Sound Blaster Live! and PCI cards caused by an effect when you pick up/use a couple of the powerups. Echo crash, also disables reverb. Do not use this patch unless you know you need it.
What is does:
All it does is search Blood.exe for (Hex) 'C1 E0 02 85 D2 75 6F', and replaces it with 'C1 E0 02 85 D2 90 90'. Run it again, and it will let you reverse this. It worked for me, and with a bit of luck it should work with any version of the executable.
Blood Echo Remover
Jarmo 'Daedolon' Kylmäaho
24This little program removes echo from Blood that causes Blood to crash with PCI sound cards. Also disables reverb. Do not use this patch unless you know you need it.
Blood Non-Plasma v1.11 INI File
Monolith Productions
2.64An original blood.ini file for Blood v1.11 non-plasma
Blood OUWB v1.21 INI File
Monolith Productions
3.05An original blood.ini file for Blood v1.21 OUW plasma
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Description of Cryptic Passage for Blood

Cryptic Passage for Blood (aka Passage to Transylvania) is a video game published in 1997 on DOS by WizardWorks Group, Inc.. The game is set in a zombies theme.

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