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The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files. Mount image to copy files to any convenient location 3. Run Cemu.exe / options-grafic pack — select your full screen resolution 4. File — Load — emulator folder — game — code — launch — U-King.rpx. Cemu shader cache botw. These are the exact steps I did to achieve 4K 20-30 fps gameplay 1. Chance that shader errors go away with a Cemu update botw; the shader cache is not 0. Can't direct link to this since it's Nintendo owned and against site policy. The gpu drivers of the pc you transferred to are corrupt.

Some Nintendo Wii U games require an update to be first applied before able to start the game – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of them.

Now if you are using CEMU to play the game, here’s how you can update the game easily so you can continue playing the game.

What you need:

Loz botw cemu download

1) CEMU, preferably the latest version and you have set it up. In case you need help on setting up CEMU to run on your machine, you may want to check this link: Setup CEMU on Intel-GPU PC.

2) The main game. Ensure you have unzipped it if it’s unzipped.

3) The update/patch. Ensure you have unzipped it if it’s unzipped.

Here’s how to update game on CEMU

These method works best for decrypted games (Game with .rpx). If you have encrypted games (game with .wux or .wud), you need to first decrypt it.

1) Run CEMU.

2) Load the game. Click on File > Load and choose the game (normally with .rpx extension).

3) Let the game run until it prompts you to update the game to continue playing.

4) Exit CEMU, by clicking on File > Exit.

5) Run CEMU again. This time click on File > “Install game title, update or DLC”.

6) On the browse window, navigate to the folder where you have extracted/unzipped the game patch/update. Find the meta.xml file (normally inside meta folder).

7) CEMU will begin patching/updating the game.

Once the patching/updating is finished, you can play the game.

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Official website of the Community Graphic Packs for Cemu, used to upscale and change your Wii U games.


Use Cemu's built-in graphic packs downloader (a new feature added in Cemu 1.15.1) to automatically retrieve the newest graphic packs from our repository.
Remove all of your graphic packs first, then move all of the folders from a downloaded .zip below to the graphicPacks folder from your Cemu folder.

Select the download for your Cemu version

Cemu 1.14.0 and newer (versions 3 and 4)

Or view a list with all supported games...

Known Compatibility Status: Loading...UnknownPerfectPlayableRunsLoadsUnplayable

The game is upscaled from p.

Ultrawide resolutions are supported

Botw Dlc Cemu

No ultrawide resolutions are supported

Graphic packs fully support OpenGL and Vulkan. (version 4)

Graphic packs fully support OpenGL, though some graphic pack functionality might work on Vulkan. (version 3)

Zelda botw cemu download

No graphic packs for Cemu 1.14.0 and higher, but there are graphic packs for Cemu 1.8.0 through 1.13.2 available. (version 2)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the graphic packs, step by step?

Here we’ll repeat some info from above in a more detailed step-by-step guide of how to install graphic packs. This assumes you use the manual method of installing packs, and not the build-in automatic graphic pack downloader/updater.

  1. Choose one of the 3 downloads from above. Each download has a range of versions it supports, pick the one that’s supported by your downloaded Cemu version.
  2. Right-click on the and click “Extract all…” to extract all of the contents to a new folder.
  3. Afterwards, open that folder you’ve just extracted it to and press Ctrl+A to select all the folders and then Ctrl+C to copy the files.
  4. Browse to your Cemu folder and open the graphicPacks folder. Press Ctrl+V to paste your copied folders.
  5. Go to Options->Graphic packs after you’ve started Cemu and enable the packs you want to use.
Why does game X not have graphic packs for 1.14.0 and newer?

Some graphic packs might not be available for Cemu 1.14.0 and newer while previous versions did have graphic packs.This is due to the full reimplementation of the texture system in Cemu 1.14.0.This also changed a lot of the aspects with textures and made all previous graphic packs that changed textures outdated.

Hence, why some games have their graphic packs missing in the new versions for now..You can search which games are supported above or see this project page for more detailed information.

How do I add my own resolutions?

Botw Iso Cemu

This might be slightly technical, so carefully follow these steps. This’ll assume you use Cemu 1.14.0 packs and newer since only those contain presets. You can’t add ultrawide resolutions unless the resolution pack already supports ultrawide resolutions.

  1. Open the resolution pack folder (either graphicPacks or graphicPacks/downloadedGraphicPacks) which follows the following name convention ShortTitle_Resolution, for example MarioKart8_Resolution.
  2. Open the rules.txt file in notepad or something similar and find the following text (this is for 720p games, but 1080p will only have some changes in values):

name = 1280x720 (Default)
$width = 1280
$height = 720
$gameWidth = 1280
$gameHeight = 720

  1. Now, change the $width and $height to the resolution you want. Some resolutions won’t work so choosing common monitor resolutions here is recommended.An extra step is needed if you’ve used Cemu’s build-in downloader: Copy the pack you’ve edited from the graphicPacks/downloadedGraphicPacks folder to the root graphicPacks folder to prevent it from being overwritten.
  2. Choose the “(Default)” preset (the one you’ve edited) in the graphicPacks window and boot the game up. If it has any issues, follow the steps again and try a different resolution.

How To Play Botw On Cemu

Past versions

Botw Patch Download Cemu Pc

543 [Splatoon] Add no vignette pack
542 Update BotW packs for Vulkan
541 [Splatoon] Add no vignette pack
540 Fix some preset errors
View even older releases