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I had same problem on my Vista computer. I got the 'not a valid font' message attempting to install a font. Then I relogged in as user 'Administrator' and the font installed without a hitch. This is confusing to me since my regular User account has Administrative privileges. Go figure.
Note: By default Vista doesn't show the Administrator user on the login screen. You have to go through a few hoops to get that to happen. If I remember correctly, it goes something like this: Under your regular login (if that has Administrator privileges) open a DOS box 'cmd.exe'. But don't open it right away. Rather right-click it and then select 'run as Administrator' in the menu that rolls down. Then type into the DOS box: 'net user Administrator /active:yes' and hit Enter. Then restart the computer and the Administrator user option should appear on your login screen. If the Administrator account has a password and you don't know it, you can get around this by logging back on under your regular user name. Then manage the Administrator account through User Accounts in the Control Panel--delete the password, then create another one, if you want. Then restart and you should be set. Good luck!

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