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CTR - Crash Team Racing (Demo)

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Crash Team Racing Playstation 1 Iso Download
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After Crash: WARPED, Naughty Dog wanted to do something different with Crash Bandicoot. Possibly a free-roaming action adventure like Spyro, possibly something else. In the end 'something else' won--and so far, we don't see any reason to complain. Even in its early stages, it's clear just how fun this character-based racer is going to be...especially from a multiplayer angle.

Crash Team Racing's overall feel is inspired by Mario Kart on the Super NES (considered by many to be superior to the N64 version). On the multiplayer side of things. Golden Eye 007 and Bomberman act as inspiration. Hence the game has all kinds of options in the multiplayer mode, making it totally customizable. Choose the kind of items you can pick up, who's against whom, the type of match, etc. For the record, there are 16 standard tracks for the Gran Prix, Time Trial, Vs. and Adventure Mode, seven battle mode tracks for the Battle Mode and two secret tracks. All of CTR's levels are modeled after stages from previous (and future?) Crash Bandicoot games.

Since CTR is a Crash game, there's a fairly easy way to beat the game, and a much harder way. For hardcore gamers who want to beat every last percent of CTR, they can master its mildly complex turbo system to ensure first place, take on the bosses, win gold wrenches to upgrade your kart's performance, beat N. Tropy in the Time Trial Mode for relics, and finally, find the secret levels and race through them. Luckily for novice players, they can still beat the game without doing all of this stuff, but they won't quite get that 100 percent.

The turbo system in CTR works like this: You get turbo boosts by power sliding and catching air. The more successful you are doing at both, the longer your turbo lasts. In addition, let's say you're power sliding through a corner, and then catch some air off of a ramp. Well, the two turbos in succession act as a combo of sorts, hence an even longer turbo.

In addition to power-ups by way of the turbo system, your kart can get decked out with a variety of offensive and defensive items. TNT crates, Wumpa fruit, bombs, shields and missiles are available via crates scattered throughout levels.

You're also awarded Gold Wrenches when you beat a level or boss. These wrenches can be used toward five engine, exhaust and tire upgrades. There are around 30 wrenches in the entire game. Collect all of the wrenches, save your souped-up kart and then cream your friends.

Graphically, CTR is the most impressive Naughty Dog game to date. They claim the game has no popup, fog, polygon dropout or any of the other things you'd expect when a game pushes the PlayStation to its apparent limits. And from what we've seen and played thus far, they're right. As a side note, CTR supports the Namco JoGcon and NeGcon in addition to the standard Sony Dual Shock controller.

  • MANUFACTURER - Naughty Dog
  • THEME - Racing
Overall rating: 6.5