Doraemon All Episodes

  • 2014
  • 2 Seasons

Nobita Nobi is so hapless that his 22nd century decendants are still impoverished as a result of his 20th century bumbling. In a bid to raise their social status, their servant, a robotic cat named Doraemon, decides to travel back in time and guide Nobita on the proper path to fortune. Unfortunately Doraemon, a dysfunctional robot that the familly acquired by accident (but chose to keep nonetheless), isn't much better off than Nobita. The robot leads Nobita on many adventures, and while Nobita's life certainly is more exciting with the robot cat from the future, it is questionable if it is in fact better in the way that Doraemon planned. Doraemon is one of the longest running TV series in Japan, while Sazae-san has been running longer, there are more episodes of Doraemon.

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Doraemon is an anime TV series created by Fujiko F. Fujio and based on the manga series of the same name. This anime is the much more successful successor of the 1973 anime. Check latest, upcoming, all new episodes of Doraemon TV serial online on Disney+ Hotstar today! Doraemon All Birthday Special Episodes. Doraemon Birthday Special Episode The Galactic Race English Subbed. Doraemon Birthday Special Episode The Blue Tears English Subbed. Doraemon Birthday Special Episode Nobita's Limited Express And The Mystery Train Hunter English Subbed.

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A cat-like robot, Doraemon from the future helping an elementary schoolboy Nobita!
Trouble seems to follow Nobita around... Whether it’s forgetting to do his homework or getting sidetracked from chores, he’s always in need of some guidance.

Fortunately for Nobita, he’s got Doraemon, a trusty robot-cat that was sent back in time from the 22nd century to keep an eye on him. What’s more, Doraemon has a nifty 4-dimensional pocket that can provide an almost endless supply of gadgets. But poor Doraemon! Sometimes the best of intentions turn things from bad to worse. What will become of Nobita?!

· Broadcast on TV Asahi since 1979 with solid ratings throughout the years.

· Over 900 episodes available and still in production.

· Asia’s #1 Children’s Anime Character!

· Broadcast in more than 60 countries on major channels.

· Over 2000 consumer products in Asia.

· 45 volumes of the comic books, and more than 100 million copies sold.

· More than 36 films released and still in production every year.

· Introduced as “The Cuddliest Hero in Asia” in Time Magazine.

Production Year
Doraemon all episodes in hindi 2021 -
Child / Kids
Duration & Episodes
Approx 22min x 1074 episodes
- 684 eps in SD (4:3)
- 390 eps in HD (16:9) Official site (Japanese)

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