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Download real football 2008 for android download
  1. Download Real Football 2008 For Android Download
  2. Download Real Football 2008 For Android Free
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  4. Download Real Football 2008 For Android
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Real Football 2013 is one of the best Android Soccer games under 10 MB. The game has packed so many features in an 8 MB game. I had to believe that the game has got so many modes. Real Football 2013 Apk Offline is an offline game so you don’t even need an internet connection. Just open and play on any device.

Download Real Football 2013 Apk Obb for Android

Download Real Football 2008 For Android 2. Real Football is a free simulation sports game where you'll be able to win a league or cup championship, play with world champions, be a manager of a fantasy team, and more. Description of NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball. Welcome to the world of basketball!

Download Real Football 2008 For Android Download

With the popular Real Football 2013 Java game back in 2013. Real Football was the best game on small gaming devices when android devices were not much popular. The game won the heart of the fans with almost no competitor present at that time.

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Real football 2013 Apk can be easily downloaded from the button given below. You don’t really need any special requirements for the game to be playable. This has been one of the most successful projects of Gameloft so far. The Real football series was mind-boggling for the fans.

Install the game choose a captain and team and tactics. As we win games, tournaments and earn more in-game money we will be able to sign up more and more real talents for our team to make our team stronger and faster.

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The gameplay of RF 2013

There are many other aspects of your team to look upon, team tactics & the stadium itself. When we upgrade these aspects of our team, we get more features and modes to play with and prove your football running on your nerves and healthy in-game rewards. Although the game doesn’t go very deep in terms of tactics we should not expect such things under 10 MB.
Scoring is much simple against week team, so does it become tougher as you climb through leagues and compete against other teams. Real Football 2013 is a very entertaining soccergame it will bring out the real football spirit in you.
Although the game doesn’t have all the latest licenses and kits, we can work with that with this 7 MB game. Although there are many teams with real names.

Real Football Download

Last updated: February 14, 2021

Experience top football matches with many excellent soccer stars in Real Football. You can download this game on AppStore or Google Play. Or download the latest APK version for Android that MODDER.ME offers right below this article.

About Real Football APK


Football is a king sport, loved all over the world. It is a healthy active sport, popular and suitable for people of all ages. If you love this sport but do not have time to go out, or have no talent to play then these soccer games are a perfect choice. Currently, on the AppStore, there are hundreds of thousands of football games, one of which is Real Football of Gameloft. This is a good choice because Gameloft is now considered a tycoon in the mobile gaming industry. Thanks to the lifelike football gameplay with stunning 3D graphics. The game has now earned over 50 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews (according to statistics on Google Play).

Real football experience

Real Football is designed with a first-player perspective, combined with many camera cut-scenes and fixed situations to increase the user experience. You will be able to participate in top-notch matches with a passionate audience creating the most exciting atmosphere possible.

Become a great manager

In Real Football, you not only participate in football matches but also become a manager for a football club. Started his career with a club not known much. Your mission is to train young talents and help them become the most famous soccer stars.

Build a team by recruiting players in the lottery. Each player has unique skills and advantages. So you need to have a reasonable strategy to take advantage of the talents of the players you own. In addition, you can increase the stats for the players by equipping skill items. These items can be obtained through matches and the lottery.

In addition to normal battles to practice skills and collect more money and items. After a certain amount of experience, players can participate in the PvP World Arena mode to challenge others. In this arena, not only will you be able to show off your technique but also gain more experience from other good players.

Collect and build a team

Real Football simulates many famous players around the world. You will meet very familiar faces like Messi, Ronaldo, Belle,… and other amateur players. Real Football also provides players with detailed information about each player. From age, a number of stars (corresponding to experience) to stats on the football field. Recruiting and selecting players to play is one of the main factors determining victory in a match.

Constructions and more

Download Real Football 2008 For Android Free

In addition to training sessions for my players. Players can build and upgrade facilities for the team. For example, building a Stadium as a training ground, a Hospital for regular health checks, a therapy center for injured players, and even a Youth Camp for players who have become fathers. Build and ensure your team is trained in the best environment!

Graphics and sound

Download Real Football 2008 For Android Apk

Real Football is a sports game, so it requires a lot of physical movement and flexibility of the players on the field. And Gameloft did very well in Real Football. Great 3D graphics with vivid images, realistic characters. In particular, the sound of simulating the cheering cheers of the audience makes the match more attractive than ever.

Download Real Football 2008 For Android

Download Real Football APK for Android

Download Real Football 2008 For Android Pc

Real Football is not only a simulation sports game, it is also a great management game. Are you ready to conquer professional teams to become the new world champion in Real Football?

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