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Apr 11, 2019 download uc browser for windows phone nokia lumia 610, see also any related to download uc browser for windows phone nokia lumia 610, from on November 2019. UC Browser 4.0 for Windows Phone comes out of Beta. Update your app now. He is a big Nokia fan and Tech disruptions aficionado. UC Browser MOD for Android comes AD-Free so you don’t have to worry about all the annoying popup ads and recommendation being served by the regular browser. The modified version also comes with additional features for you to enjoy a better browsing experience. Since the latest models of Nokia mobile phones come with Android OS support, installing Viber on Nokia is such a simple task. So if you have a Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 2.1, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 8.1, and more, the Viber app can be accessed. Follow the procedure to download Viber app for Nokia with Android OS support. Features of UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure on PC. Stop worrying about overcharges when using UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure on your cellphone, free yourself from the tiny screen and enjoy using the app on a much larger display. From now on, get a full-screen experience of your app with keyboard and mouse.

UC Browser 9.5 was released recently. According to UC It fixes two bugs:

  • Fixed the problem of large file sizes not being shown correctly when downloading;
  • Fixed the problem of users not being able to go to the right page by typing a page number on UC Forum.

I’ve modified the app to use the full screen on touchscreen devices. It also works on non-touch screens.

Type: Freeware
Author: UC Browser Product Page, Forum
Data Connection Required: Yes
Minimum Java ME profile: MIDP 2.0
Screen Size: All
Touch support: Yes
Reported Working On: LG 306g, Nokia Asha 303, Sansung Factor Samsung GT-S8500 Wave
Reported Not Working On: Samsung Corby

The app “UC Browser” (435 KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”UC95″.

To download the signed version click here: Signed JAD.

For the unsigned version use the links below

Downloading uses paid data. Downloads are for Java ME phones only.

To download and install click here: DOWNLOAD (jad)

If you are using web on your mobile, chances are high that you are using a third party browser like Opera Mini, Bolt or UC Browser. While all are good, UC Browser seems to fulfill most of my needs. But it may feel awkward for those who were using Opera Mini for a long time and are new to the browser. So I would like to give a brief guide to use it.

#1. Grab the App

PC Download –

WAP Download –

iPhone Download – iTunes link

Install it as any other app. To change application permissions, in Nokia s40, highlight UC Browser, then go to your phone settings by:

  • Options>Communication>Network Access>Always Allowed,
  • Options>Data Access>Read Data>Always Allowed,
  • Options>Data Access>Add and Edit Data>Always Allowed.

UC Browser is available for different platforms including Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone etc.

In jailbroken iPhones, to add UC Browser in Cydia(The unofficial AppStore), goto

  • Manage>Sources>Edit>Add>

For Java Platform, a standard version, as well as a low memory version is available. The low memory version is for lower end phones that don’t doesn’t support the standard version. It doesn’tn’t have some features of the standard version.

This article is primarily intended for the Standard Java Version.

#2. Let it Initialize

After installing, open UC Browser. It will first check your network to set up an more fluent connection with the server for browsing.

After network test, it will update the startpage and other data. If initialization fails, then try restarting the browser, or check your network settings.

#3. Choose a Theme

Choose a theme for the browser as you like to make it unique from the others that suits you . Go to Menu>Preference>Themes>Manage Themes and select a theme. You can download more themes from

Menu>Preference>Themes>Download Themes. After download, it will ask you to install the theme. Or you can later install it from

Menu>File>Download Manager and then press “1” at the theme and choose “Install”.

#4. Add Some Bookmarks

Add your bookmarks from Menu>Open>Bookmark and then Menu>Management>New Bookmark. You can also create folders to arrange

Download Uc Browser For Nokia Keypad Mobile

your bookmarks. While in a page, you can add it to your bookmarks from Menu>Navigation>Add Bookmark, or else just tap button “1” to get the Context menu for adding bookmarks and other function.

#5. Configure Shortcuts

UC Browser comes with predefined shortcuts and you can change them as per your convenience. To change the shortcut keys, go to Menu>Preference>Shortcuts. After changes, click “Save”. You can restore default shortcuts by clicking “Restore”.

#6. Customize Settings

You can change the default settings from Menu>Preference>General Settings,. which includes the detail settings for changes as you wish to make your browsing more smooth, fast and pleasure To have an idea about what each setting does, go to

Menu>Help>Help Contents.

#7. Understand the Startpage

The Startpage of UC Browser is very intuitive. At the top, you have the “Bookmarks” and “Home” icons to switch (press “left soft key” or “3” button on your phone) between the start page and bookmarks. Next is the Search bar which lets you search the web. Below it you’ll find the Address bar which lets you enter web addresses.

Below the Address bar, there are drop down tabs with recommended and sorted links for you to get the site through a few clicks instead of typing the long addresslinks. The lowermost drop down tab shows your History. You can expand a tab by clicking on it. The last part shows some sponsored links.

Download Uc Browser For Nokia Keypad Mobile Software

#8. Browse the Web

After the customizations and understanding the startpagestart page, now you are ready to surf the web. To go to a website, just enter the URL in the Address bar. e.g. – and press Ok. The page will load in few seconds. You can use the navigation keys or your phone’s keypad to navigate through the page.

You can save the page for later viewing from

Menu>File>Save Page.

To refresh/reload the page, go to


And it provides a auto refresh function to keep your update with the news you don’t want to miss.

#9. Search the Web

It is easy with the inbuilt search function. Click on the Search bar and enter your query. You can select from predefined search engines given. Then click “Search” to get the resultssearch the web.

#10. Use the Context Menu

The Context menu lets you access the most used functions easily. The default Shortcut is “1”.

In normal, it gives option to open new window, copy text, share etc.

You can also search from the highlighted text.

When you highlight an image, you can use the context menu to Zoom or Save the image.

While you highlight a link, you can copy the link, open it in a new tab, or save the linked file.

#11. Download Files

When you click on any download, you’ll be prompted with generally three options, “Open”, “Save” and “Cancel”. The options provide by the browser change as different file types. For Zip and PDF files, you will have an option “Preview” to directly view the contents. For apps, you’ll have a “Install” option. To download the file with your default browser, select open. Select save to download the file with UC Browser download manager. And you’ll find the speed is much faster than the built-in browser.

Download Uc Browser For Nokia Keypad Mobile Phones

#12. Upload Files

When you are on a site with the upload dialog box, click “Browse”.

Then you’ll be presented with two options. You can either upload from your phone or take a photo instantly to upload.

#13. Install Apps Downloaded with UC Browser

If you use a s40 phone, the apps you download with UC Browser are marked as unsupported format. To install them, lets take an example:.

Suppose you tried to download app.jar. UC will automatically rename it to app_jar as it cannot save it as app.jar due to phone limitations.

So to install the app, just rename it to app.jar from app_jar with your default file manager.

#14. Protect Your Privacy

You can easily delete the browsing and search history, cookies, cache and traffic to protect your privacy. Go to Menu>Tools>Clear History.

#15.Go Advanced

Now, when you are ready to surf the web in a new way, feel free to explore the advanced functions in UC Browser. UC Browser gives much more flexibility and more control over your browser.


Though UC Browser is designed to be easy, it may feel less user friendly for new users. Hope this guide will help. You may want to check out my post 15 reasons to fall in love with UC Browser. Also don’t forget to share your experience with us by dropping a comment here.