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Feudalism 2 – Download – Overview
Enjoyed leveling up your hero and amassing an unstoppable army in the original Feudalism flash game, wanted more of that? Well, Feudalism 2 is here and you can continue to develop your hero from a weakling into a powerful warrior. Enjoy improved graphics and overall game play.

Feudalism 2 Arcade Town

Download Links
Download the .zip file from:
[ NowDownload FileTrip Game Front ]

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Feudalism 2 For Android Download Full

Feudalism 2 – Title Menu
The title menu looks very similar to its predecessor.

Feudalism 2 download android

Feudalism 2 – Choose your hero
The same old heroes are back, and you can create your own hero if you want to.

Feudalism 2 – Customize
Though Backstab may seems like a cool special move to use, it is not practical at all.

Feudalism 2 – Tutorial
The old guy from the original Feudalism is back to teach you the basics again.

Feudalism 2 For Android Download

Feudalism 2 – Town
You will start off in different towns, depending on what nation your hero belongs to.

Feudalism 2 – Map
The map is much larger now, you can scroll when the cursor is at the edge of the screen.

Feudalism 2 – Skills
Area Of Effect (AOE) skills such as Meteor Strike is definitely more useful than Backstab.

Feudalism 2 – Meteor Strike
Shown above is the hero doing a Meteor Strike skill, along with his army decimating what is left of the enemy’s army.

Deimos’s Thoughts
Nice graphics, decent game play, improvements from its predecessor, a good flash game. However, those who are used to having an unstoppable army in the original Feudalism will not be happy. Previously, there is no limit on how many units of infantry you can recruit into your army. In Feudalism 2, the number of infantry units you can recruit is limited.

Deimos Asks
Would rather be a very powerful hero, or a not so powerful hero with an unstoppable army?

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