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  1. Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Five Nights at Freddy's 2. 9 / 10 - 91294 votes. Played 13 933 768 times. Adventure Games. If you didn't die of a heart attack after playing the first episode, be aware that FNAF 2 is even more terrifying and that it will be more difficult to survive your 5 nights as a nightguard. This time you'll have no security.
  2. Golden Freddy (referred to as Yellow Bear in the files of Five Nights at Freddy's) is a ghostly version of the bear animatronic Fredbear that appears as a character in the Five Nights at Freddy's Series. 1 Games 2 FNaF World 2.1 Moveset 3 Five Nights at Fuckboy's 3.1 Stats 3.2 Attacks 3.3 Drops.

Five Nights At Freddy’s Help Wanted Free Download 2019 GOG VR PC Game Latest With All Updates And DLCs For Mac OS X DMG Worldofpcgames Android APK.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is an online horror survival game where players have to guard the restaurant and fight robot plushies. You got the summer job you applied for at Freddy’s Pizzeria, the fun family place with the friendly looking animal robots and toys. Your task is to spend the night over there and keep an eye on the cameras, nothing to worry about. Five Nights At Freddy's is an online puzzle game that we hand picked for This is one of our favorite mobile puzzle games that we have to play. Simply click the big play button to start having fun. If you want more titles like this, then check out Secret Exit or ClickPlay Time 2. To play even more free games, view our all time top.

Overview FNAFHW:

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S HELP WANTED is a virtual reality experience. The game is a collection of a set of games set in the five nights universe. Fantasy and fun come to life in the game. You have to go through terrifying encounters with your favorite killer animatronics in a collection of new and classic five night at Freddy’s experiences. You are hired in the game and your main job is to repair troublesome ventilation systems while the broken animatronics can activate at any moment. Besides, you can also spend your evenings performing the job of night time security guard officer.

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S HELP WANTED allows you to confront your favorite killer animatronics including Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Spring trap, The Mangle, and Funtime Foxy. There are fun prizes for you in the game like toys, plushies, bobbleheads, and candies. Playing at Interactive Prize Counter will allow you to win super fun prizes. Collecting well-hidden Faz tokens will allow you to unlock more rare collectibles for super fun. The game featured new animatronics such as PlushBaby and GlitchTrap.

There are a total of 40 playable mini-games. After completing the mini-games you can replay them again in the nightmare mode where there is difficulty and distraction in every game. The scenes from the classic titles have been updated including Five Nights at Freddy, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, Five Nights at Freddy 3, Five Nights at Freddy 4, and Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location. After completing the game the players are treated to end the game which expands upon the fantasy of the game.

  • System Requirements
  • 1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8/8./10.
    2 :: Processor: Intel Core I5 4950/AMD FX-6300
    3 :: Ram :: 8 GB RAM
    4 :: DirectX: Version 11
    5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600/AMD Radeon HD 7850
    6 :: Space Storage:: 11 GB space

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    Well, well, well. Another horror version of Five Nights with Mac Tonight has been release named Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2: Remastered for free download.

    Mac restaurant? Can you look back on any restaurant that has the word Mac in its name? It is so easy to get, right? Mac stands for the McDonald’s restaurant.

    Like the ‘Five night Freddy’ game,’ you will be a security guard too. This time you will work in a vintage restaurant called McDonald’s instead of a pizza restaurant. It is the most famous restaurant in that area. It is not like your thought; it is well-known not because of the quality of the food or good service but because of a horrifying scandal.

    This restaurant is a target and often attacked by many kinds of mysterious disappearances. However, no one has ever told you this until entering the building. In the small office, strange things come one after another.

    When all people sink into sleep, from midnight to 6 AM every day, you have to observe the surroundings carefully. The same with the ‘Five night Freddy’ game, you have to keep one’s wits about the animatronic characters, which all your enemies, and block them. If you complete this mission and stay alive after 6 AM, you will level up and be challenged by more other tasks.

    Five Nights At Freddy`s 2 Dmg

    In this restaurant, there is a character who looks cute and gentle. His name is Hamburglar. He is a kid but wearing the typical criminal uniform with the black and white stripe and thief – eye cover. Do you think he is adorable and harmless? Find the answer now by clickingto the below button to download Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2: Remastered free to your PC and try seeing his appearance without getting caught.

    Good luck!



    by: Malrat_ @Malrat_

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