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Jan 24, 2021 Download Gta San Andreas Ocean Of Apk For Android My pH no: Address: 11/108, pudumaniyaram patty, Dam(po), Vaiyampatty (via), Manapparai (tk), Trichy (dk), Pin: 631 315 My qualification: B.COM.,(CA). Some features of the famous game GTA: San Andreas Android: Game GTA: San Andreas with $ 6.99 in Google Play is supplied with millions of buying the most popular is has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0, and we are Anroid Mod in newest, latest, best and most healthy version We have put it with the data file for you, which you can download with one click. Jun 21, 2021 Download the modded APK of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA SAN Andreas from the links given on the home page, here are the steps to install it on Android devices and here on iOS. How To Download Now tap the Mod APK file, install it, return to the downloaded AP K file, install GTA SAN Andreas Lite and move the data to another location. Free Download GTA San Andreas MOD Apk Data for Android device. Get latest GTA SA Apk Mod Unlimited update version 2.00 provided by APK-MODATA is here! Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an one of the most popular action game in the world in which received positive feedback, the great interest from the players with over 100 million download.

GTA: San Andreas v2.00 Offline – The latest version of the game “GTA: San Andreas” – V for Android with data

tested on Xperia Sp, Galaxy Tab 3 and Xperia Z
100% tested with offline and English language – No need for internet

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or GTA: San Andreas for short is the most famous, most popular and most entertaining car and gangster game from the famous studio and the well-known name Rockstar Games, different versions of which are offered for different operating systems. Now we are going to introduce the latest and latest version for Androidwe have! This game is the same as GT 5, which without a doubt, no one can be found who has not experienced this popular game for once! We return to CG and his gang again and go to the car and gangster! The game is designed exactly like the computer version and the HD design, exciting sound quality, different cars, multiple weapons and hours of gameplay all go hand in hand to experience the best and most enjoyable GT style game. Create A on your Android mobile! The game does not need praise and every user with an Android phone will undoubtedly like to have GTA 5 on their mobile phone!

Some features of the famous game GTA: San Andreas Android:

* Types of cars, motorcycles and airplanes to drive

* Different types of weapons to get and use by CJ

* Ability to join CG to start an interesting adventure

* Extensive design with dozens of different cities and countries to travel

* Full compatibility with Moga, Bluetooth and USB gamepad controllers

* Fully HD , 3D design and exactly like the PC version

Game GTA: San Andreas with $ 6.99 in Google Play is supplied with millions of buying the most popular is has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 , and we are Anroid Mod in newest, latest, best and most healthy version We have put it with the data file for you, which you can download with one click.

notice that :

1- The upcoming version of GTA: San Andreas, which we have put for download on Farsroid, is 100% tested and runs offline on your device.

2 – Compressed file due to having a high volume with the highest possible quality with recovery is compressed and its format is rar so that in case of high and low internet speed and incomplete download, there is no need to re-download and the problem can be solved with a simple REPAIR .

3 – There is a problem with the Zapya program, please be sure to remove it before installing and running this game!

Download Gta Sa Lite Apk For Android 7.0 7.1 Apk

Version changes V2.00:

* Fixed various bugs and game problems.

Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.


– Download the data file and decompress it. Com.rockstargames folder . Copy gtasa to Android / Obb path.

– Run the game.

File download GTA San Andreas APK on Android

Electronic games have become essential on computers and smartphones in recent times. GTA San Andreas APK is one of the world-famous games that has been downloaded and played by millions of users worldwide since its first release until now.

  • Since the beginning of the idea of ​​online games and the category of action, fighting, and adventure games, one of the most popular of these games among young people, they find in these games the fun of adventure and the various and renewed challenges that arouse the love of adventure and challenge in them.
  • It is a game Jatta San Andres and one of the best action games and movements that have been released. During the game, the player buys weapons and fights enemies, and accomplish tasks in the framework of an exciting and fun and full of adventure and movement.
  • The player finds himself within the game’s events tasked with a set of tasks that he must complete, some of which are about killing enemies, getting their money and weapons, saving your friends, and other fun endless tasks.
  • Since its first release, the Grand Theft Auto: San Anders game has been very popular as one of the oldest games that existed on computers and are played by millions worldwide, making the producing company seek to develop newly developed versions of the game.
  • So if you like action and excitement games, riding cars, fighting battles against enemies, fighting them, and completing missions, this game is definitely your best choice, and you must have played it at some point in your life.

What is this game about


  • Game San Andres: designed three-dimensional technology that makes players live in the open world of adventure and takes place in on the states America, specifically instate California and state Nevada.
  • The main character in Gata San Anders is Carl Johnson. Carl Johnson is a former gangster who left the state where he was residing but returned to it after his mother was killed.
  • Karl finds his friends and family after his return in a condition of complete chaos and therefore wants to restore his old strength and his team entirely so that this helps him discover who killed his mother and take his revenge.
  • During the game, Karl wages many clashes and battles with corrupt police forces and mafia gangs in the shadow of highly realistic events with great graphic techniques and a high level of accuracy and quality.
  • The game’s events are designed in a way that is very close to reality in terms of the presence of street gangs, riots, and plots that existed in the past in Los Angeles, mafia gangs, and other realistic events.
  • There are also in the game, Gata San Anders’s other characters join the events of the game and provide the factor of thrill and excitement and the name Carl Johnson, the primary and pivotal in the course of the game.
  • Among these characters are the Grove Street Families, one of the mafia gangs that fight with the Pales and the Fergus, and many battles and street warfare break out between them, which increases the suspense and movement in the game.
  • Also, many mafia gangs in the game atmosphere were famous at that time, the most important of which are Asian gangs such as Chinese gangs, Vietnamese, and Japanese mafia gangs.
  • All these technologies and designs aim to make the player live a fun and exciting experience in a world closer to reality as if you are already in a street war in the suburbs of Los Angeles. You must try to complete the tasks required of you in the fastest time.

Game has Support on PC and Mobile

The original GTA San Anders game has received the attention of fans of action, action, and adventure games since its first version, as millions of users, have downloaded it worldwide.

The game is available in more than one version, whether for computers or smartphones running the Android operating system, and the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game can be downloaded through its official website in the form of a compressed file in a suitable size for all devices.

After downloading the GTA San Andreas 2020 game on your computer, install the game in the usual way by pressing the download file twice in a row until the game’s installation window appears in front of you.

The installation process begins by agreeing to the terms and policies for running the game, after which you press the “install” button to start the installation process, which takes some time to complete successfully.

  • Web:
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Google Play ID: com.rockstargames.gtasa

Your work in the game

After downloading the GTA San Andreas game on your computer and installing it as we explained previously, you will find yourself inside the events that closely resemble everyday life. You are living the game and not just watching it on the PC screen.

The game’s events begin when the player finds himself without any money, cars, or anything, and all he has to do is complete the tasks required of him regularly so that he can get the many funds that will help him later.

The money that the player gains from the tasks he performs can use it to buy different cars and types of weapons that he wants to use to chase enemies and escape from the police forces that are always chasing him.

The constant chases with the police increase the thrill and excitement factor in the game, where the end of these chases is either you can continuously escape from the police forces, or you are injured, which will then be transferred to the hospital.

But if you failed in escaping from the police forces and you were arrested, you will find yourself in front of the police station, but the events will not end with that. In both cases, you can return again to complete the game events and complete your tasks.

During the GTA San Andreas game, you can do anything you can imagine. You can ride cars, motorcycles, planes, or trucks. You can buy weapons, houses, and drugs with the money you earn from completing your tasks.

You can even buy different clothes and change the hairstyle of Karl’s character, and you can also use the features available to you in the game to increase your strength and use protective shields to protect you from the attacks of enemies.

Full game features

The GTA San Anders game for computer, Android, and iPhone has many features that made it one of the leading names in the category of action and adventure games and street wars and made it the focus of millions of users’ attention with its beginning until now.

One of the most essential features of the GTA San Anders OBB game is the design and very distinctive, beautiful graphics technologies that have been designed with high accuracy by the largest and most influential graphic designers in the world to simulate reality and nature very.

The player can drive whatever planes, cars, trains, and motorcycles he likes to be able to complete the tasks required of him at the right time, and help him escape from the police forces and gangs trying to kill him.

The game is available for free download. It is available in versions for computers and smartphones running on Android so that fans of the GTA San Andreas game can enjoy playing it anytime and anywhere.

Gta Sa Apk Android

The game is designed in a very broadway. During the game’s events, you can move between many countries and across continents and move between many cities within one country to provide you with a fun and exciting playing experience without getting bored.

Gata San Anders game is compatible with all Windows operating systems of all versions. It is compatible with Moga consoles and USB devices to enjoy it through any device and at any time he wants.

The characters themselves that were designed in the game are a feature of the features. The characters make you live in the atmosphere of gangs, mafia, and street wars in a very realistic way as if you are actually living in Los Angeles state and not just a game.

The company’s constant concern producing the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has made it always strive to release other versions of the game with more modern features and technologies, including copies compatible with Android and IOS systems for smartphones.

The game backgrounds have been carefully designed to closely resemble the atmosphere and buildings of the American state of San Anders from California with modern 3D technologies that make you live reality in its details and enjoy an unparalleled exciting experience.

The game has many great animation and graphics, and great music played in the background of the game to ensure the player’s fun and help him carry out his tasks inside the game with fun and excitement.

The GTA San Anders MOD money allows every player the freedom to choose the clothes of the character in which he plays and thinks that it suits the hero of the game from among a large group of clothes that the game has developed dramatically in line with the atmosphere of the state of San Anders.

Not only the clothes, but the game enables you to choose the type of car or motorcycle you prefer from among many different styles to drive and move through the game to complete the tasks required of you in the fastest time. You can also drive police or ambulance cars if you want to.

GTA San Andreas APK + OBB: MOD full Money on Android

Gta Sa Apk Download For Android 7.0 Laptop

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas APK MOD Unlimited Money free for Android. is one of the world-famous games that has been downloaded and played by millions of users worldwide

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Game_Action


Gta Sa Free Download Apk

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