How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil

  1. How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil
  2. How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil Turkey
  3. How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil
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It works quickest if you hold the flame really close to the foil, but this can precipitate a large plume of smoke which can be easy to miss when inhaling - especially with a slim tube. Take the flame away before you stop inhaling, as you don't want to waste any excess blowing away like smoke in the wind. Hold that shit in. Repeat, and enjoy. Aluminium foil for smoking drugs be aware of the strong association of opiate and crack use with tobacco smoking, and encourage individuals to consider stopping smoking tobacco through access to stop smoking services or with GP support (introducing them to the range of interventions available to assist people to quit). Light the lighter underneath but not to touch the foil cuz you don't want to burn through the foil. Too much heat will burn through and ruin the dope. Slowly inhale the smoke from above as it comes up using a Tooter (straw) as your doing both these things. You must tilt the foil so it slides down but don't spill it. The longer a pipe is used, the more drug will be deposited inside it, and the better the effect, when the pipe is unfolded and the residue smoked. A foil pipe can be made in a way that concentrates the deposition of drugs in a small area. Doing this, maximises the amount of drug that's easily available at the end of a session. We have prepared.

0.5 gsmokedCrack


First of all, apologies for lack of precise timescales and dosages. I did not originally approach this undertaking with the intention of writing a report. However, after seeing how few trip reports on crack there were on Erowid I felt compelled to sumit my own.
Well, anyway...
The other night, I tried crack cocaine for the first time. I 'cooked up' the crack myself, using baking soda and cocaine HCl (obtained through not entirely honest means). The equipment was rudimentary - a spoon, a glass of water, some aluminium foil. I was unsure of the total weight of my HCl coke, but it looked about half a gram, give or take a bit. I took half of this and placed it on the spoon, mixing it with about half as much baking soda, then added just enough water to cover the pile. Seeing good cocaine mixed into that murky little concoction made me glad I had saved the other half - if things didn't go to plan at least I hadn't pissed all of it away.

How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil

I held the spoon over a candle until the mixture started bubbling. I was unsure when it was ready (it just looked like a blob of spit), so kept it there until most of it was gone, and there was only a little yellow puddle left. I let this cool and harden, and scraped it off the spoon. Reminded me somewhat of DMT crystals...
Being the perpetually unprepared type, I did not have a glass pipe in my possession, so I had to make do with a straw and aluminum foil. This proved to be frustrating. The first time I tried inhaling I heated the foil over a candle, and most of the smoke escaped. What I did manage to catch did nothing but convince me that crack smoke is THE most foul tasting thing ever. I was close to retching, such was the awful taste.
Later on, I tried a different method. I put a small pile of crack on some foil which I placed over the mouthpiece of an upside-down cup. This way I could trap the smoke in the cup, turn it the right way up, pierce a hole in the foil and smoke it with a straw from the cup (look out for these at your local Starbucks). It worked as well...I exhaled big plumes of smoke, and within seconds was feeling the effects. First of all I got a bit heady, like if I'd stood up too fast. Then my digits had a warm 'buzz' to them. My lips were numb. I felt very stoned, but at the same time energised, and had a wonderful feeling of contentment. I also noticed my mood was lifted considerably (I had a massive grin on my face). Not so great was the heavy breathing and racing heartbeat, but it was no worse than if I'd just done some light jogging. The high was not as intense as it is generally made out to be, but it was very pleasant nevertheless.
I spent the rest of the evening wasting most of the crack through ineffective smoking techniques involving aluminium foil. The next day I finished off the rest of the coke, and that's when I discovered the drug's dark side. After having smoked all that I had, I started picking tiny bits of crack out of the carpet, smoking already burned bits of crack on the foil, etc. It was never enough to get me high, and I dread to think what it did to my throat (I finally admitted defeat after holding in a hit of what was probably burnt lint and feeling like I'd ripped the lining of my throat - not a pleasant experience). I do not purport to be addicted after only half a gram of pre-basified coke, but I know that if I had some crack here now, it would be gone in minutes.
Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50098
Gender: Male
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 5, 2007Views: 62,481
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I got some crack i want to smoke soon but no access to the typical crackpipe. How else can I smoke this effectively?

You can make pipe out of tinfoil and put some ash on the bottom and then put the rocks on top

Or you can make a pipe out of an aluminum can and do the same thing

Happy Smoking 🙂


How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil Turkey

tin foil gets too hot, plus cans are more plentiful, use a can but dont make the holes too big.


If you use a can make sure to put a carb on the side

How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil

You’ll get some monster hits smoking it this way


I dont understand, I wanna do the can method but where do I get ash from? And do I just get a can and put a dent in it and poke holes n put the crack on the hole and light up? Some of the peices in this bag i have are pretty small might fall in? Any step by step instructions for making 1?
Thanks 🙂


don’t forget that you can use a lightbulb, too!


dent the top. scratch off the silk-screened label, about the size of a quarter in the dent. poke tiny holes, about 8-10 where you scratched. poke a hole in the bottom of the can, or the side for a carb. get the ash from a cig. let it burn and flick it right on your holes. gently, GENTLY, pack the ash and place your butter on top. hit that shit hard with the flame on the whole time and hold it till you cain’t no more.

How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil Cooking


How do I use a lightbulb? Same way as vaping weed? Or do i not “vape it”?

How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil On The Grill


How to smoke crack off tin foil chicken

I dont have any cigs or weed etc, do I NEED the ash?


Yeah, you’re basically vaping it. Same way as tweak or weed.


people smoke weed from lightbulbs? Ive hit crack out of a regular pipe before it had a tiny hole so it didnt run through right away but even after it did we just sucked the flame into the bowl and got bomb hits.


cans are a good can get HUGE hits this way BUT it also wastes some of the rock..but i likeusing cans when i have nothing else lol


I dont have any cigs or weed etc, do I NEED the ash?

There’s a lot of other material that creates ash when burnt.


Yeah, you’ll need some ash if doing it this way…

As an aside, how does a light bulb work? I would think you’d need a lot bigger flame? Meth, I could see, cause it doesn’t need much flame. Crack, though?


You can use the handy dandy tire gauge.

Just take off the end, everything will come out, pack with chore and bam


Or got to hardware store and get tubing cut to size and filters from under the sink.


what about tin foil? Can’t you smoke crack off tin-foil like they do with Heroin??


How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil Recipe

^You need a good amount of heat for crack, I don’t think tin foil is a good choice…


If you are able to score crack, surely the person who sold it to you can tell of of a store that sells glass “rose” stems. they cost like 75 cents and come with chore boy. In the hood they sell them at basically every convenience store/bodega. Just ask for a glass rose and chore boy. Chore boy is just brillo pad basically that you use as a screen in the tube. Also in a pinch I suppose you could use a weed pipe with a metal screen (or chore boy).

With smoking crack you want to kinda melt the rock into the chore boy, and then hit that. Free base cocaine is kinda a runny liquid almost so melting it into the chore prevents it from just dripping down the pipe. After you are done smoking, push the chore back and forth through the stem to collect the resin, and you’ll get a BOMB couple of hits of ‘push’.

Now you’re making me want to go buy some rocks.


^ thinkin the same thing.. about getting some rocks.


If you are using a can, after you are finished smoking, cut your can open carefully so as not to disturb the areas where your holes were. Look inside around the small holes where your rock dripped through and you should see some product that dripped through and collected around the holes. This will be your purest coke and you can prepare another can and have some hellacious hits from this retrieved product. If using a glass or metal stem after smoking, remove the choreboy , take regular “not menthol” rubbing alcohol and pour a little into one end of the stem/pipe being careful to plug the opposite end of the stem with a finger. Then cover both ends of the stem with your fingers amd shake the alcohol inside the stem vigorously. Pour the alcohol on a clean flat dinner plate, carefully light the alcohol afire with your lighter and let the flames burn off the alcohol. When fire goes out, if plate is still wet, then let the plate dry off in front of a fan if necessary. Once completely dry, take a rasorblade and scrape the tan/ brown dried product into a pile and get ready to smoke it. It holds one hell of a punch. It may taste a little like alcohol so that is why I say don’t use the menthol scented alcohol as it will taste nasty! Trust me that these retrieval methods work when you are out of product and need one or two last hits!

Psychedelic Jay

Crack works just fine off foil.

I personally use the foil spoon and straw method…

Fashion a square piece of foil around the tip of you finger and smash half of it to a stem. Take a bic pen body and drop your rock in the little spoon you made and vape from underneath and suck up through the straw.

It’s basically = the same principal as smoking heroin, but it is a lot more resistant to heat which make the margin of error a lot wider for you.


How To Smoke Crack Off Tin Foil Meat

can u go more detail?


I know this is an old post, but came in handy very much. Those who stated the can trick is the best alternative are absolutely correct. I’ve only smoked hard a couple times so has no reason to purchase the works, and this technique works wonders. As long as you make your holes small enough and cover them with cig ash, you get huge rips. As stated above(or below?) don’t forget to poke a hole in the side of can for a shotgun, as you would if you were smoking a bowl. Don’t bother trying to make a tin foil pipe, waste of product and you’ll prob burn yourself, using foil for free basing is a different story, but I would still prefer the can method


get yourself a small water bottle and make a small hole in the side big enough for a bic pen to go into discard the ink cartridge put tinfoil over the part of the bottle you drink out of put lots of holes in the tin foil and fill it with cigarette ash place your crack on top and happy smoking easy as 123