Pcnet Fast Iii Am79c973 Driver For Mac

With ability to restore your pcnet fast iii am79c973. Vmware accelerated amd pcnet fast iii am79c973. 2010-10-29 3 log on to windows nt and install the amd pcnet driver, a open the network properties page by double-clicking the network icon in control panel. Once your vm reboots, you can map or share drives. The pcn driver provides support for PCI Ethernet adapters and embedded controllers based on the AMD PCnet/FAST, PCnet/FAST+, PCnet/FAST III, PCnet/PRO and PCnet/Home Ethernet controller chips. Supported NIC's include the Allied Telesyn AT-2700 family. The PCnet/PCI chips include a 100Mbps Ethernet MAC and support both a serial and MII-compliant.

In VirtualBox I use the default network adapter, which is the:

PCnet-FAST III (AM79C973)

The manufacturer of the network card is AMD. It has released all necessary drivers:

PCNTPK.COM – a packet driver (for mTCP, WATTCP, Trumpet TCP)

PCNTND.DOS – a NDIS driver for Microsoft Client

PCNTNW.COM – an ODI driver for Novell Netware

Sometimes it’s nice to have more than one driver running: For instance run the mTCP ftpserver while sharing a folder with Windows.


Pcnet Fast Iii Am79c973 Driver For Mac Windows 7

In theory you could just start the packet driver and the NDIS driver. But to keep more memory free, it’s better to start a “shim” that allows us to use NDIS or ODI driver as packet driver.

Pcnet-fast Iii Am79c973 Driver

DIS_PKT9.DOS – transforms the NDIS driver into a packet driver.

ODIPKT.COM – transforms the ODI driver into a packet driver.

Pcnet Fast Iii Am79c973 Driver For Mac Free

These are the drivers we’re going to use.