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Hi all!
I haven't found any posts about this so I'm posting a simple code to create your own 2D isometric surface.
Hope you´ find it useful! ;)
the needed assets attached
and the code:
Source: with the help of

Nov-17-2020, 12:58 PM (This post was last modified: Nov-17-2020, 12:59 PM by mattwins.)
Thanks for posting this! It helped with my implementation here:


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A clone of the popular app Flappy Bird, using Pygame. This code was discussed on Code Review. I'm not actively maintaining this code; this repo is an archive of the code I wrote for the above question, and some fixes. If you're looking for extra features, have a look at the forks by lvalencacomputacao and nimitbhardwaj instead. Playing the game. Code: import time #we need to initiate pygame at the start of all our code pygame.init displaywidth = 800 displayheight = 600 #creating window, in tuple is width and height of screen win = pygame.display.setmode ( (displaywidth, displayheight)) x = (displaywidth. 0.45) y = (displayheight. 0.8) black = (0,0,0) white = (255,255,255.

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