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Just press the Generate Chord Progression button and you will get the random chord sequence that is called chord progression. Enjoy; Options-To change the key press the right button and pick between different options.You can also change Arpeggio and Drum Settings.

Random Key Generator Online

Using the Custom Selection Functions


Random Key Generator In Car

1: Making your selection
The black and white buttons are representations of black and white keys on a keyboard. Click on a button to add that key to your selection list. A custom list of any number between 1 and 45 keys can be created. On selection the button will turn red - indicating that key has been added to the array. Keys can be deselected by clicking on them again. They will turn from red back to their original black or white. Ultimately, your selection is defined by which buttons are red.
2: Locking your selection
When satisfied with your selections, click the 'Lock' button to lock the list. All selected buttons will turn to blue. The function is now ready to use.
3: Unlocking the selection list
The selection array can also be unlocked - as long as 'Go' hasn't been clicked. Click 'Unlock'. On unlocking, the selected buttons will turn back to red and further keys can be added if desired. Keys can also be deselected at any time as long as the buttons are red.
4: Go
Click 'Go' to start your selections. As with the other functions, the keys in your list are randomly displayed, one by one until finished. The counter displays progression through the list as selections are made.
5: Saving your selection list
After making a selection list, you then have the option to save that list for future use - so you don't have to re-enter the list again.
To save a selection:
1: Make your custom list by clicking the black and white keys of your choice.
2: Click the 'lock' button. A new button will appear - 'save this selection'. Click on this button. From the little popup window, choose the selection number you wish to save to and click 'Save'. The corresponding selection button in the 'Saved Selections' button row will turn red, indicating you have a selection list saved in that position.
(Note - when you use 'Saved Selections' your selections are saved in a small cookie, which is stored on your hard drive. You can exit the Random Scale Machine, or turn your computer off, then next time you visit, your saved selection(s) will be indicated by the red buttons, ready for recalling)
6: Recalling a saved selection
Click on one of the 'Saved Selection' buttons indicating a saved list by its red color. eg: Selection 1
The keys of your saved selection will turn red in the key pane. (If desired, you can then temporarily add more keys or take keys away, leaving the original saved selections unchanged)
Click 'lock', then you are ready to Go!
7: Clearing saved selections
If you have at least one saved selection (ie. one or more of the 'Saved Selections' buttons is red), the 'clear all' button will be displayed.
To clear all your saved selections, simply click the 'clear all' button. Selections can also be overwritten.