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International Equipment Identity or IMEI is a 15-digital unique serial number that helps identify a specific mobile device. The article will help you to find the question – How To Change The IMEI Number on Root and Non-rooted device?

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The mobile network can use this number to identify the cellphone and track you. Government agencies use this number to track down terrorists or anyone who committed a crime. Therefore, changing the IMEI number is not a good idea. But if you are adamant and want to know how to change the IMEI number, this article will provide you the information.

How to change IMEI number on Android – Step By Step

There are several methods for changing the IMEI number of your Android devices. We will try to cover most of them:

  • This service convert you serial in imei. If you haven't imei, you can use this service for know his. If you want to check a more 1 serial - enter all the imei in a column and specify the number in the corresponding field. Connect your iOS device to your computer. Open iTunes (if it doesn’t open automatically).
  • CONVERT iPHONE IMEI TO SERIAL NUMBER. Service provides Model, Color, Capacity, IMEI, SN about Apple devices by using Serial Number. Note: WIFI only devices don't have IMEI! Sample: Model: iPhone 6s Plus 16GB Gold MM-TD A1687.
  • Dial.#06# just like a phone number, on your keyboard. The serial number will appear next to the IMEI number. Second instruction. Turn of your device, remove the battery and check the sticker under the battery. The sticker will give you the IMEI number as well as SN number. Third instruction.
  • Convert IMEI, ESN, and MEID numbers online. No signup required! An electronic serial number, or ESN, is a unique identifier for a wireless handset.

Changing IMEI Without Apps

Step 1 – Find the IMEI number of your device. If you cannot find that, you can easily see that by dialing *#06#.To find the device ID, you can dial *#*#8255#*#*. Another way to find the IMEI number is by going to settings and then About Phone > Status.

Step 2 – Dial *#*#3646633#*#* or *#7465625# on your android device.

Step 3 – Click on the connectivity option.

Step 4 – Find the CDS information and click on it.

Step 5 – Now find the Radio information.

Step 6 – If the device can contain 2 SIMs, then you will find two options like IMEI_1 [SIM1] and IMEI_2 [SIM2].

Step 7 – Select one option for the SIM you want to change your IMEI number.

Step 8 – Type your desired number when the screen pops up and click on send.

Cautions: This step will erase all of your mobile data. So before proceeding, make a backup of your important data.


IMEI Changer APP – How To Change?

If you want to keep your data and change the IMEI number of your mobile phone, then a third-party tool is the best choice for you. Here we have listed some of the best Android apps that will change the IMEI number of your Android device.


This app helps users to change the IMEI number of their devices. Xposed IMEI randomly generates unique IMEI numbers each time the user uses it. Besides, the user also can change the IMEI number by inserting any number they want.

The app comes with a simple UI, and anyone can change it with ease. All you need is to just click on the “Apply” button in the app, and the app will start doing its magic.

MTK Engineering Mode

MTK Engineering mode is another excellent app that comes with a clean and easy-to-use interface. The only problem with this app is that it will not work on every device. It is built explicitly for Taiwan device manufacturers such as infinix, Oppo, Tecno.

However, this app works on some non-Taiwan devices, but there is no guarantee that it will work on your device.

How To Change The IMEI Number On Rooted Device

For changing the IMEI number of your device, you have to root your device first and then use the Xposed framework.

Rooting Your Device

Rooting your android device is not an arduous task. But if you feel uncomfortable with that, you can take professional help from any mobile servicing center by telling them to root the device for you. There are lots of applications out there to root your android device. Use anyone and root your device before changing your IMEI number.

Changing The IMEI Number

Follow the below steps to change the IMEI number of your smartphone:

  • Find the original IMEI number by following the steps we described earlier.
  • After getting the IMEI number, open the Xposed app from your device.
  • Go to the modules section and tap on the button of IMEI changer.
  • Restart the phone or tablet device.
  • Xpose app also will provide you with a restart option. You can use that button for a fast restart.
  • After restarting the phone, open the Xpose app again, and the app will show you your current IMEI number.
  • Click on the new IMEI number option, and you will be able to change the IMEI number from there.
  • Click on Apply, and you are done!
  • For reconfirmation, you can reboot your phone and check the current IMEI number, following the steps of finding the IMEI number using your device options.

Changing The IMEI Number In Your iOS Device

iOS is a more rigid operating system than Android. Jailbreaking the iPhone device can ruin the warranty. Therefore many iPhone users fear jailbreaking their devices. But some apps can jailbreak your iPhone without wasting the warranty.

However, nobody can tell for sure that you would be able to claim the warranty after jailbreaking your device. Therefore, if you want to change the IMEI number of your iOS device, it’s better to consider that you are not fit for the warranty anymore.

Then you have to use a third-party application. We recommend Ziphone for changing the IMEI number of your device.

Here is the process of doing it.

  • Dial *#06# to know the current IMEI number of your device.
  • Copy the number for future use.
  • Download Ziphone and install.
  • Enable the recovery mode (Press and hold the power button and the chip)
  • Connect your iPhone with the computer and open the Ziphone folder.
  • Press shift and click the right button of your mouse.
  • Type “Ziphone” in the command window.
  • Now type Ziphone -u -i a 15 digits IMEI number and hit enter.
  • Check the IMEI number now, and you will see a new number!

Benefits Of Changing The IMEI Number

  1. You will get a unique IMEI number, and your mobile will be untraceable
  2. Convert any device Identity.
  3. If you are having an invalid IMEI number issue with your phone, you can resolve it.

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Before you proceed, we want to remind you that changing IMEI can provoke several problems. Some of them are:

If you change your IMEI, you can not track your phone if it is lost or stolen.

It is illegal in most countries and considered a severe offense against the law. You can even find yourself in prison for changing the IMEI of your phone.

We never encourage anyone to change their IMEI number in any case. This article is for educational purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If I Change My IMEI Number?

Your mobile will become untraceable. It is a severe act of offense against the law in many countries. You can face legal issues. Moreover, if the new number is not a valid IMEI number, the mobile operator can also block your SIM card.

When I Perform A Factory Reset, Does That Change The IMEI Number?

No. the IMEI number has nothing to with the O/S. IMEI number is connected to the hardware of your device. When you perform a factory reset, you just reset the operating system, which does not affect the IMEI number.

Should I Give My IMEI Number To Anyone?

No, you should not. If you share your IMEI number with a stranger, they can use that number for malicious activities or, in a worse case, for committing a crime.

Imei To Dec Converter


IMEI number is vital for your mobile phone. Your network operator and government agencies can both use this number for their benefit. Changing this number will affect the whole system. So, you should not change this number for any reason. We think this artile assisted you to find the answer of the questions – How To Change The IMEI Number? If you like this article don’t forget to share with your friends.



  • For convenience with a test vector any input beginning with two hyphens (--) is treated as a comment and output as a header line.
  • An asterisk ('*') at the end of a digit string indicates that a check digit should be calculated. This is most useful for ICCID/LF_EUIMID because it is not always possible for the calculator to determine whether a check digit is included in non-standard ICCID numbers (19 or 20 digits).
  • IMEI codes (14 digit codes with all decimal digits) are treated as hexadecimal numbers when the 18 digit format is calculated. The check digit is, however, calculated using the decimal Luhn algorithm for both 14 and 18 digit formats.
  • The pUIMID for an ICCID is calculated from a 20 digit string. If the input is 18 digits a calculated check digit and a single 'F' digit are added. If the input is 19 digits the last digit is checked to make sure it is a valid check digit and a single 'F' digit is added. If the 19th digit is not a check digit add '*' to the end.
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