Toyota Touch 2 Firmware Update Download

  1. Toyota Touch 2 Firmware Update Download 2019

Latest version V14.10.020 Toyota TIS Techstream has been tested and verified working on issue by engineer.

Software version: V14.10.028

(Crack version. No Activation)

Year / Date of Release : 04.2019
Operation system: Windows 7- Windows 10 32 bit/64 bit

My current firmware version ends in the letter A and according to customer service, the latest version should be D. I downloaded the file from Toyota but when I put the USB in and go to the update screen, it doesn't recognize the USB or thinks the file I have is the same as what is already. PZ490-00335-.0 Toyota Touch 2 with Go East-EU PZ490-00336-.0 Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus West-EU PZ490-00337-.0 Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus East-EU. Revision Record Rev. Date Page Picture Update New Deleted steps. Manual reference number: AIM 003 634 - 0 3 of 10 Montage door vakman nodig. Massakabel van accu losmaken. Ter vermijding van.

Multi-language: English/Chinese/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Spanish

Description : Toyota/Lexus/Scion diagnostic software.

Toyota Teschstream 14.10.028 has been tested OK with:

Mini VCI cables (SV46-D, SV46-D1), Mangoose VCI and Vxdiag Vcx Nano for Toyota

Free Download Toyota Techstream V14.10.028 Software

How to install Toyota Techstream 14.10.028 software?

Step 1: Install Setup
Open software CD

Open Techstream_V14.10.028 folder

Copy and paste Techstream_SetupNA_V14.10.028 to desktop
Run Techstream setup on desktop

Select setup language

Install Techstream InstallSheild Wizard
Press Next
Accept license agreement

Enter customer information, User Name: AADD, Company name: toyota, press Next

Install the program


Step 2: Install driver

Run MVCI Driver for Toyota-Cable 2.0.1

Install Mini VCI driver for Toyota TIS, press Next

Ready to install

Finish driver installation

Step 3: Crack Techstream
Open Techstream software on the desktop

If windows gives a Java Runtime error, press No to ignore.
Launch Techstream 14.10.028 software

If techstream requires a registration key, press Cancel

Select Setup tab->VIM Select, select interface: Xhorse-MVCI

Open readme.txt on software CD

Copy Techstream.exe”/395070/VM:1

Right click Techstream Properties on desktop


Replace MainMenu.exe by Techstream.exe”/395070/VM:1 in Target area

Then Apply

Step 4: Install Device Driver

Connect Mini VCI J2534 cable with laptop


Installing device driver software

Open MVCI Firmware Update Tool
Read Device Info
Device connected

Step 5: Run Techstream

Open Techstream software on the desktop
Initializing USB communication

Read vehicle information and confirm

Start diagnose vehicle

Toyota Touch 2 Firmware Update Download 2019

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