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Window 8.1 Keygen Windows Serial Number 32-64 Bit Product Keys. Windows 8.1 version is the next version of Windows 8. It has come with some other changes and inspired users with its new features. There are many new technologies introduced in this new version of Windows.

If you have a computer running Windows 7 or 8 and you would like to upgrade the OS version to 8.1, you will not have to use a product key. But if your Windows version is older than either 7 or 8, you will need to get a Windows 8.1 product key. When Windows 8 was launched, there were a lot of complaints from users worldwide and to address those complaints, Microsoft had to release an upgraded version of Windows 8 which is Windows 8.1.

When you download Windows 8.1, you can enjoy a free trial for 15 days, after which you will need to provide a Windows 8.1 product key so that you can continue to enjoy its full features. If you do not provide this product key, you will be prompted to enter the product key every time you turn on your computer. If you would like to use Windows 8.1 on your computer, continue reading this article to know all about Windows 8.1 installation and activation.

1. What Makes Windows 8.1 Unique?

Windows 8.1 was put out as an upgrade of Windows 8, and it fixes all of the errors, bugs and technical issues that users experienced with Windows 8. It also gives users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to upgrade without using Windows 8.1 product key or Windows 8.1 installation key.

2. How to Find Windows 8.1 Product Key

If you have never seen a Windows 8.1 product key before, this is what it looks like


It contains 25 characters, and you can find them through the following methods:

  • If you bought a new PC and Windows 8.1 is pre-installed on it, you will find the Windows 8.1 product key printed on a sticker glued to the CPU.

  • If you bought your PC from a Microsoft -recognized dealer, the dealer should provide you with the Windows 8.1 product key.

  • If you bought a Windows 8.1 operating system CD/DVD, a card should come with it on which the Windows 8.1 installation key should be printed.

  • If you purchased your Windows digitally, the vendor would send you your Windows 8.1 product key via email.

3. Free Windows 8.1 Product Keys

If you are looking for a free Windows 8.1 product key, you will find the list below. You can copy one of them to activate your Windows 8.1.

4. How to Activate Windows 8.1: Two Ways

Activate Windows 8.1 Using a Phone

You can have your Windows 8.1 activated by using a phone because the OS itself is compatible with Android devices. Follow the steps below.

  • Click on 'Start' from your PC’s desktop screen.

  • Navigate to the Settings app.

  • Click on 'Activate Windows'.

  • Select 'Contact Customer Support'.

  • Select your location and click on 'Next'.


The Windows 8.1 activation key for both desktop and mobile phone are the same, which means that you can use the same activation key for both the Windows on your desktop and the windows on your mobile device to activate them.

  • Put a call to one of the numbers on the page, and you can follow the voice prompt to complete the activation process.

Activate Windows 8.1 via Internet Connection

You can activate your Windows 8.1 using an internet connection by following the procedures below.

  • Navigate to Settings on your PC.

  • Click on 'Activate Windows'.

  • Copy one of the product keys listed earlier in the article, paste it in the box and click on 'Next'.

  • Follow the instructions as they come up on your screen till your Windows get activated.

Bonus Tip: How to Recover Windows 8.1 Password

In the process of activating your Windows 8.1, if you forget your admin or user account password, you can use a third-party tool that has proven to be highly effective to recover Windows password. Passper WinSenior is a tested, trusted and reliable tool that is used to recover forgotten Window password in one click.

  • 100% recovery rate is guaranteed to recover your Windows password.

  • Recover or reset passwords of administrator and user-login accounts for your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

  • Recover passwords for Windows 2008 Server, 2003 Server, and 2000 Server systems, etc.

  • Recover or reset Windows password without USB or disk.

Follow the steps below to recover Windows 8.1 password with Passper WinSenior.

Step 1. Download and install Passper WinSenior on another accessible computer. Insert an external flash drive or CD/DVD and tap on 'Create' to burn a bootable disk.


Step 2. After creating the bootable drive, connect it to the locked computer. On the next window, you will be asked to choose your Windows brand and get the key to put the Windows into boot menu.

Step 3. You will be taken to a password recovery interface where you have different options to remove your password, reset your password, delete your Windows account or create a new account. Click on 'Reset Windows Password' and then click 'Next'

Step 4. Choose the account you wish to unlock and then click 'Next'.

Step 5. Enter new the password you want to use then click on 'Reset'.

Step 6. The program will notify you that the password has been reset. Click on 'Reboot Computer' and eject the bootable disk. Finally, click on 'Reboot Now' and enter the new password when the computer restarts.


Windows 8.1 is an impressive upgrade from Windows 8 and the fact that it does not come with the bugs and problems that Windows 8 had made it even a better option. If you have Windows 8 on your computer and you are trying to find ways to install it, follow the procedures above and get a Windows 8.1 Product key to ensure a successful installation and activation. If you want to recover your Windows password, you should install Passper WinSenior to help you with password recovery so that you can get back to using your computer right after the upgrade.

Windows 8.1 was released a year after Windows 8. There were some changes in the latest release but these might be indistinguishable for the average user. Windows 8 was specifically introduced as the operating system to handle touch-screen functions on mobile devices as well as desktops. This also makes hybrid systems easy to use. The 8.1 update was designed to re-connect with the traditional users of the previous Windows OS. Among the changes are the following:

  • The update allows users to directly boot into the traditional Desktop instead of the default tile interface of Windows 8.
  • The Start button is definitely back.
  • More app tiles can be put on the screen so that multitasking is better accommodated.
  • The search function underwent a major overhaul. It is now sufficiently better to search across different systems and also includes SkyDrive.

Do Windows 8.1 Only Work Best on Tablets?

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Well, the whole operating system is basically designed to be used on touch-screen devices. A wide mobile device such as tablets really combines well with the new features and interface flow. This does not mean that you need a tablet in order to enjoy 8.1. You can also use the OS under the Desktop Mode. Touch gestures can be replicated by mouse actions as well as keyboard strokes.

Is the Start Button Completely Back?

The disappearance of the traditional Start Button from Windows 8 was definitely the biggest issue in the reception of the OS. The Start Button is brought back in 8.1 along with a shortcut to the tile interface menu. Additional options are also included.

System Requirements

Here’s a list of the minimum requirement to be able to run the OS:

  • 1GHz processor which supports SSE2, NX and PAE
  • 1GB RAM for 32-bit systems, 2GB RAM for 64-bit systems
  • 16GB storage for 32-bit systems, 20GB for 64-bit systems
  • DirectX9 installed complete with driver for WDDM

Best Platform for Windows 8.1

A touch-screen device is still the best platform to enjoy and use Windows 8.1. Among mobile devices, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Sony Vaio Tap 11 are highly recommended. For hybrid laptops, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga and the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus are promising contenders.

Upgrading to 8.1

This is an important discussion to make. There are loyal traditionalists and there are also those who welcome this new release with open arms. These are some points that might help you decide on whether to jump in or not yet.

  • For Windows 8 users: Upgrading to 8.1 is absolutely free and easy to do. The upgrade comes with new features and functions.
  • For Windows 7 or previous users: Your system is definitely not yet suited to adapt the new technology of this new OS, considering the touch-screen features. You might need to upgrade to a new system first before you can enjoy the new features of 8.1.

Windows 8 8.1 Activator Product Key Generator Microsoft Word

Pros of 8.1

  • 1 definitely have the fastest boot-up of any Windows operating system.
  • The Help feature is also revamped.
  • The Mail application is improved.
  • Mouse and keyboard functionality is greatly streamlined to cater to replication of touch gestures.
  • Free to upgrade from Windows 8 systems.
  • Modern and traditional Windows applications have been greatly integrated.
  • Re-introduction of Start Button built with additional features and options.
  • Allows the user to boot directly to Desktop mode.

Cons of 8.1

  • Dual interface nature can be quite tricky to new users.
  • Gamers might not be interested that much because the app store currently does not offer a lot of games.
  • The app store for Windows definitely lacks some major titles.
  • Although the touch gestures can be done via mouse and keyboard strokes, it is definitely easier to use touch-screen devices for 8.1.
  • Compared to OS X Maverick, the apps need more fine-tuning.
  • The Start Button is there but it doesn’t give the usual functionality as before.

Bottom Line

Windows 8 Product Key Crack & Keygen

Windows 8 8.1 Activator Product Key Generator Free Download

Windows 8.1 product key is built around the idea of making touch screen devices more functional and effective by enabling mouse and keyboard strokes to replicate touch gestures. This allows desktop loyalists to freely update to the touch screen environment and return to their traditional system interface.

It is still best to stick with your Windows 7 versions if you don’t really need the touch screen features of the Windows 8.1. The development of the touch community is still under works and it will definitely take more time to progress. In the meantime, you can still enjoy your traditional system for your needs and leisure.

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